Friday, June 8, 2012

LBD work in progress

My friend Giusy asked me to sew a simple ,strapless cotton black dress.
Searching throught patterns (mainly burdastyle as they have downloadable patterns so that I don't have to wait for the patterns to get mailed) I realized that the project was too simple to get a proper pattern to buy.
So I opted for a couple of different pieces I already had in my stash.
The top:

 Imagine it black and with a stright edge. I got the Idea from Tasia of Sewaholic: just trace a line on the pattern to fill the heart shaped bit on the bust,and remove the straps on the shoulders.:

And for the skirt this simple and great pattern:Burda8155
 So far I do like the "ensemble" so much that am thinking of making something similar for myself

Wouldn't it look great with this PRADA purse and shoes?

I think so..... it'll look purrrrrfect. I love those shoes,they're so funny.
Prada also made themed sunglasses (genius!!!)
I am also planning to take part to the Sew Colette 2.0 .I bought the digital Hazel pattern and a cina blue fabric for the muslin.
I'm planning to start working at it tomorrow,as I will be away for three days ,starting sunday.
I'm flying to Barcellona.Hope to find inspirations visiting all the beautiful places and relax on the beach.

Have a great weekend

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