Thursday, May 31, 2012

morning glory

 Having my usual brakfast,(couldn't cut fresh flowers to  arrange on the table.I felt too bad cutting them off their branches)...

And here are my "english countryman" roses by David AustinDavid Austin.I'm so proud of them,I've been counting the blossoms and there are more than 30. It's the first time ever there are so many.

Wednesday, May 30, 2012

sewing sewing sewing!!!

I've been quite busy sewing lately.
I've also uploaded two of my projects on name is lalla74,please go check it.
I've used a retro Butterick pattern B5032  and lowered the neck line to "give more air"

for the first one I used a beautiful african fabric a friend gave me an year ago or so..

This is the pattern I used, but I guess it is no longer available on the Butterick website.

I'm very pleased how it turned out.
So I decided to use the same pattern for another dress...
This time a spring,summer look....
I used a striped  shirting cotton (it is more clear on the detailed photoes), but I guess it was a bit too lightweight fo this project. Is is also creased (gosh I didn't iron it....rrrrr)

 For this second one, I have tried to be a bit more precise with the finishing..


...and with ribbons.

there's a new one I'm working at..

Off I go! Today is very warm and sunny here in Milan!!  :)

 see You soon.
xx Laura

Thursday, May 24, 2012

hair madness

 Last summer I was happy and "tanned", then september came and my mood went down.. so I decided to change something in my life.And I changed my hair!
quite a few times....

                                                                 with Red bangs.....

                                                                  ....and tattoe

                                                                       as Betty Page

                                                                        '40s  hairdo  ?


                                           my first blonde hair ever (and maybe my last)


                                                                    back to black

                                                                    back to normal

Sunday, May 20, 2012

a skirt and a bag

 A while ago I mentioned a skirt I made usining a floral applique tecnique,as seen in the blog Coletterie. But instead of handsewing I just zig-zaed(??) the flower onto the skirt.Another great example of flower applique is Gertie's red dress. That girl makes amazing clothes,making the all process looking as easy as drinking a glass of water.
Back to my skirt,I like the idea of leaving a raw edge,contrasting with the cuteness of the colors.
The skirt is a simple gathered skirt with no pattern.
To avoid too much bulk on the waist I decided to sew some darts in the iside,and then gather the fabric.
I wish I had made the skirt just a little bit longer,t would have had a more retro vibe.
I didn't wear it much,as I still have to find some top to pair it with.something not too romantic.may be a white shirt.
 Looks nice on the dress form.

The skirt and the Bag
I think it looks pretty with my "old" bag.Doesn't it?
I did wear the bag a lot!! I made it in 2003 and am proud to say it looks better now than then!!
It's my best "Retro" piece ever made.

my own creation

That's how it looked "new",years ago (you may notice an invisible string holding it... at the time I had no better ideas to display it  :(

Have a nice week everybody
XX Laura

Ecco la gonna di cui avevo parlato,su cui ho applicato un fiore usando un semplice punto a zig zag (tutorial sul sito Coletterie e Gertie's new blog ).
Il risultato è molto romantico,e non ho indossato la gonna spesso,devo smorzare un pò l'effetto.
La borsa è una delle mie creazione del 2003,che "invecchiando" è diventata più bella e più vintage ;)
buona settimana

Friday, May 18, 2012

my Roberta

I love Roberta di Camerino,I love her bags!!!
The vintage ones are still inspiring new models.The style hasn't changed much,just evolved.
The new models still have the beautiful colours and the funny mood,remaining very elegant and delicate.
I prefer the velours ones,but leather is more practical!
Here are some very romantic vintage models.

Laura Bath


And last my own ones.
I bought the blue one  few years ago in Sicily at a vintage shopin Palermo.Unfortunately that shop doesn't exist anymore.It was a sort of charity shop,being situated next to a church..
The pink one belongs to my mum.She didn't wear it anymore,and knowing my passion for vintage purses,she let me have it(well.. actually I just took it, barely asking her).


When I "stole" this bag from my mum's draw,i found some treasures inside:an old postcard of Palermo(Sicily) and some vintage photoes.
There was my mum in her chic outfits.She looked so elegant,i've always admired her style,evolving with fashion changes. My granma ,which happened to be a certain Antonietta(that's where this blog take his name from), was a professional seamstress,and made all clothes for her 5 (five!!)children,including my mum. So, as soon as she earned some money, she bought her clothes from nice shops ,or had them made from professional sewers who were not her mum.
Thanks to that love for good clothes, she was able to pass some of her very well made pieces to me and my sister.
I love to take inspirations from the pictures of her and her family.
Thanks mum.
my lovely mum
Mi sono sempre piaciute le borse di Roberta di Camerino, sia quelle vintage,soprattutto in velluto, che i nuovi modelli.
I colori sono sempre stupendi, e mantengono sempre un'aria romantica e moderna.
(le immagini delle borse vintage sono prese dal blog di Laura Bath e dal sito Taravintage)
Le "mie Roberta" invece sono quella blu e quella rosa.Ho comprato la blu in un negozio di Palermo,che è chiuso da anni.Quella rosa è un regalo di mia madre.E' una sua borsa che lei non usa più. All'inteno c'erano una cartolina di Palermo negli anni '60,ed alcune foto di mia madre,sempre di quegli anni.
Era bellissima e sempre elegante. Mia nonna Antonietta (da cui il nome del blog) era una sarta e cuciva gli abiti per i suoi 5 figli. Appena mia mamma ha comprato i suoi abiti in bei negozi o li ha fatti fare du misura da sati(non sua mamma) ed alcuni di quegli abiti,di ottima fattura, sono ora passati a me ed a mia sorella.