Saturday, May 12, 2012

my cup of tea

I'm very obsessed with roses.I just love them,almost all of them. The fullest the blossom the better. Unfortunately I just have a couple variety,a french one and this "countryman". They smell so nicely,with a lemony scent. I cut some brunches and put into a lovely teapot and they're now pwrfuming my flat.
Today is very warm and sunny,as if summer has finally arrived.It's the right weather to spend more time outdoor,breathing the fresh air and  stocking up the sun into the body,to use as fuel on gloomy days.
As I updated my photostudio on my pc I'm experimenting with my camera.
I'm planning to print the best pictures and make some sort of wall decoration. But so far ..hope you enjoy those photoes as much as I do.

all photoes by ME

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