Thursday, May 10, 2012

the Stripes

I've always liked the breton tops, marinière,marinaio... so french,and so fresh.
To me it's like spring,nice weather, beaches and breeze.
Should remember to buy a winter version (or two) as it instantly lifts my moods.And in a grey,cold winter day one I'm always looking for something to cheer me up.

Madame Coco

MOI( with extra long legs)

I got these jeans for one euro(it's one dollar more or less, less than £1).they're old Levi's, quite stiff but i do really like them. The belt is vintage. The top is an old organic cotton one from People tree
Shoes are thrifted.Jaket Gap(last spring)
ME (Jackie style)

Off I go.All to the Lake Maggiore,where I'll wear,again, another striped top

Stresa,march 2012

Have a lovely week