Sunday, May 20, 2012

a skirt and a bag

 A while ago I mentioned a skirt I made usining a floral applique tecnique,as seen in the blog Coletterie. But instead of handsewing I just zig-zaed(??) the flower onto the skirt.Another great example of flower applique is Gertie's red dress. That girl makes amazing clothes,making the all process looking as easy as drinking a glass of water.
Back to my skirt,I like the idea of leaving a raw edge,contrasting with the cuteness of the colors.
The skirt is a simple gathered skirt with no pattern.
To avoid too much bulk on the waist I decided to sew some darts in the iside,and then gather the fabric.
I wish I had made the skirt just a little bit longer,t would have had a more retro vibe.
I didn't wear it much,as I still have to find some top to pair it with.something not too romantic.may be a white shirt.
 Looks nice on the dress form.

The skirt and the Bag
I think it looks pretty with my "old" bag.Doesn't it?
I did wear the bag a lot!! I made it in 2003 and am proud to say it looks better now than then!!
It's my best "Retro" piece ever made.

my own creation

That's how it looked "new",years ago (you may notice an invisible string holding it... at the time I had no better ideas to display it  :(

Have a nice week everybody
XX Laura

Ecco la gonna di cui avevo parlato,su cui ho applicato un fiore usando un semplice punto a zig zag (tutorial sul sito Coletterie e Gertie's new blog ).
Il risultato è molto romantico,e non ho indossato la gonna spesso,devo smorzare un pò l'effetto.
La borsa è una delle mie creazione del 2003,che "invecchiando" è diventata più bella e più vintage ;)
buona settimana

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