Thursday, July 19, 2012

LBD finished!!!!!!!!

It's finished.
It's an easy piece,but I took so  long posting it as I started a new job, in a new town and have been very busy going back and forth.
But I'm now writing from beautiful Stresa ,on the Lake Maggiore,Italy(of course) so.. It's worth it.
I have also finished two(yesssss "2" ) Colette's Hazel dresses.One in china blue and the other in a sort of camel parsley print.
I'm definitely late for the Sew Colette 2.0 but I tried.really I did.
I'll probabily be ready for ,say.. a Colette 3.0  :)

Anyway... here are some pictures I took with my lovely friend Giusy.
I'm the one with the grey top....


 And Inside........

 But,hey! We didn't see any grey top!

  C'mon "Antonietta",we want to see the photographer!!!!

 OK then  ;)
me and my muse

                                                        See you soon.(and I Mean Soon)

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